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    We are on a mission to organise the contents of your handbag

    Save time

    11 measured pockets

    Handbag2handbag organisers have 11 carefully measured pockets perfect for fitting your mobile phone, pens, makeup & all of those vital items you always need to carry with you.

    Award winning

    Deutsche Bank retail innovation award

    We are proud to say that our Handbag 2 Handbag organiser won this prestigious award in the face of stiff competition.


    Make your handbag happy

    Why the organiser is so clever

    • 11 measured pockets
    • Machine washable
    • Flexible - handbag, sports, travel, baby, 

    Reversible tote bags

    Two bags in one

    • Fully reversible
    • Washable
    • Hard wearing
    • A variety of uses - shopping, beach, fashion, sport
    • A range of current colours
    • Colours to match handbag organisers
    • Perfect size
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    Make up bag
    $5.00 - $20.00
    Make up bag
    Reversible tote bag - beige/white
    Reversible tote bag - orange/leopard
    Luxury Handbag organiser in Pewter
    Handbag organiser in Tangerine
    Reversible tote bag - orange/beige
    Set of four make up bags
    Reversible tote bag - green/black
    Make up bag
    Handbag organiser in Nude Pink
    Handbag organiser in Pistachio
    Handbag organiser in Black
    Handbag organiser in Taupe
    Handbag organiser in Red
    Handbag organiser in Lime
    Luxury Handbag organiser in Leopard Print
    Handbag organiser in Purple
    Handbag organiser in Hot Pink
    Luxury Handbag organiser in Sparkle finish
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    We make your handbag a very organised, tidy place!

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